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The well known flavour and lavish aromas of Stretto and Classic Franck espressos are now available in new, special packaging. Enjoy professionally prepared espresso every day – just like from your favourite café.

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Stretto Espresso was created from carefully selected premium coffee varieties from Central and South America and Asia. This perfect espresso, with a stronger intensity, gives a cup full of the intensive flavours of dark chocolate, imbued with sophisticated notes of black current and grapefruit, especially created for those who love a pronounced and rich flavour.

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Intensity: 8/10 Info packaging


Classic Espresso is a sophisticated blend of coffee beans from Central and South America, Asia and Africa. This world in miniature contains natural notes of caramel, imbued with the aroma of hazelnuts and mild fruit tones. A medium intensity coffee with a silky texture and gentle creamy foam.

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Intensity: 5/10 Info packaging