Coffee at home just like that in a Michelin star restaurant

Over the next decade, capsules will account for 20 percent of the coffee market

Though premium coffee is best when prepared and served by someone else, espresso capsules are an ideal way to prepare coffee at home or in the office that tastes as though it was prepared by a professional barista, every time. The capsules with filters contain ground coffee with all the aromas preserved. All you need to do is place the capsule in the machine, position your cup underneath and in just a few seconds, you can enjoy the flavours and aromas of fresh espresso, without thinking about whether we have the proportions right.

The first coffee capsules on the market appeared in 1975, thanks to the idea of an engineer to put ground coffee into special capsules with filters to preserve all the flavours and aromas, so that everyone could make real espresso at home. The first capsules to hit the market weighed 3 grams, with the filter alone weighing 2 grams.

Although they were not commercialised until the early 1990s, some forecasts estimate that capsules will account for 20 percent of the entire coffee market over the next decade. In Great Britain, for example, some 186 million capsules were sold in a year, with sales increasing every year. Recent data suggest that the consumption of capsules is increasing at a 15 percent rate per year. Some markets are even exceeding these figures. In the USA, the world’s largest coffee consumer, the sale of capsules has increased an astounding 34 percent over the past decade. The original idea, to be able to simply prepare original espresso in every home, has gone much further since then. Today, there are capsule coffee machines in some 30 percent of Michelin star restaurants.

By Franck d.d.